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SKYRoadster News

News related to the Saturn SKY as well as site news. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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SkyRoadster Polls

Polls related to the Saturn SKY as well as site polls. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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Saturn Sky Discussion

Sky FAQ, Specifications, Performance Data

Up to date specification, option, equipment and pricing info. Moderator/Admin posting only. CHECK HERE FIRST if you are new. You may find your answers!
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Supporting Vendor News & Announcements

Supporting vendor product news & announcements section | Supporter thread starting only
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General Saturn Sky Discussion

Forum for discussing general topics on the Saturn SKY.
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Getting Your Saturn Sky

Forum for discussing the process of ordering/tracking/buying your Saturn Sky. Ever wonder what a VOMS is? How about an "image", or how cars are allocated? The answer probably lies within.
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Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Discuss all your wheel & tires topics here...
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Saturn Sky Redline Discussion

Forum for discussion of aspects of the anticipated hi-performance version of the Saturn Sky.
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Technical Saturn Sky Discussion

Technical and performance aspects of the Saturn Sky Roadster. Sky Problems | Solutions | Repairs | Recalls | Tech Bulletins | Tech Tips | In the Manual Basic Tech
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Saturn Sky Performance Discussion

Internal Engine | External Engine | Suspension | Exhaust | Upgrades and Aftermarket
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Autocross and Racing Discussion (SKY/Kappa)

Tips, tricks, vehicle prep and setup, etc.
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New Member Section

Drop in, say Hi and get to knwo the community
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Other KAPPA, Sky and Small Roadster/RWD Cars

Rumors Gossip Scuttlebutt Hearsay Speculation

The place to discuss rumors, upcoming info leaks, spy photos, unconfirmed tidbits, and be a general "net-detective"
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Roadster Market Other Vehicle General Discussion

Discussion about owning, loving, lusting, or coveting roadsters and other small RWD'rs and "other" general vehicle discussion. Competitive vehicles, other "cool drives" and other discussion related to the ownership experience.
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Saturn SKY vehicles/parts For Sale/Wanted

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In the News

Sky News

The latest news and press on the Saturn Sky in one location.
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Car Care and Detailing Forum

Discussion of detailing and car care products and techniques.
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Kappa News

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General Automotive Industry News

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Ride Of The Month

ROTM Submissions & Voting

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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

Vendors - Please use this forum for announcements and specials.
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DDM Works

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Help & Feedback

Rules/Etiquette/Information/Moderation Team

Section with the rules and guidelines for participating in this forum. Also includes contact information for the moderating/admin team. (admin/moderator posting only)
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Clubs, Events & Regional Discussion

National Events

National Events
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Canada | Other Countries
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  1. Saturn Sky Redline Discussion
    I was washing my SKY last week and discovered a 5" crack in the passenger side fender panel! I gently "palpated" the side and underneath the fender and it appears to have been pushed in / crushed from the bottom. I took the car down to my dealer as I had the car in for a state inspection and...
  2. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    I noticed by accident that the brightness wheel for the dash gauges lighting there's a detent as the wheel is turned up. I thought this would keep the dash lights on all the time instead of dimming whenever some fool engineer decided to have them dim. The gauges are so far set into the binnacles...
  3. I was wondering if anyone modified their IP wiring so that the dash is illuminated whenever the ignition is turned on. It would be ideal to retain the dimming function, but I could sacrifice dimming if that is the only way to make it so.
  4. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Normally I keep a limited "bug out kit" in my cars. The usual stuff, tools, jumper cables, safety boots, change of clothes, blanket, first aid kit, durable food and some water, etc. With the limited space and more localized driving I do with the Sky, I need to change this up some. So, what...
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