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Originally Posted by Hoosier GXP View Post
Would like to see the "my recent topics" added, as someone who doesn't visit the site on a regular basis it was nice to look quickly at past threads I had posted in.
If you click on the search icon (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) it has the following options at the bottom of the drop down that pops up:

Find my threads
Find my posts

These may be the links Admin referred to above, I'm not sure, but these should do what you want to do fairly easily. Plus, as was mentioned, you can always subscribe to a particular thread and get updates that way...

...or just come by more often, there is that too.

Originally Posted by jburbs22 View Post
Things change deal with it
jburbs, the fact is that this thread is for suggestions on what we like and don't like. Nothing about RtE's post was anything but that. Sure it sounded a bit Jaded but the man has been around a while and he is a Moderator over on the Solstice forum.

Like anything though something new takes time to familiarize yourself with. I would image the biggest reason RtE that the staff have updated this forum is security. I'm sure this newer version of the software fixes a lot of vulnerabilities the old software may have had and that bots had found ways to exploit. I haven't even looked at the Admin/Moderator controls here yet, I'm sure they're different.

So far though, I haven't ran across something I'd like to do that I could do on the old forum but have been unable to do here.

One thing I would suggest though...the Multi-quote button doesn't have enough contrast between selected and unselected. You REALLY have to look to see if you have successfully marked a post for a multi-quote response. I believe on the old forum the multi-quote button changed from gray to orange when selected. A high contrast change like that would be nice to have again here.

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