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Confessions of a Sky owner:

Please help me…

Hypothetically, I might have bought my wife a Sky because I wanted one. But I love my wife, her happiness is important to me, and it was her Birthday. Never mind that I needed a present – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! Besides what kind of scum husband would do something like that??!!!

But I must confess to the following to cleanse my soul and I feel the kinship of this forum will help me get through this rough period in my life…

I have taken to buying milk in quart containers under the concern that it will be fresher that way. The fact that we need to go to the store, in the Sky of course, didn’t even enter my thought process.

I told my wife that I have undertaken a study to examine the regional effects and diversity in gasoline quality. Additionally, I will be less biased if I use gas stations out of my immediate area in the study. But most importantly only the turbo engine in the Sky can provide me with the feedback I need for this study. Also by using my statistics book I ws able to convince my wife that the best results will only be available if the sample size is large (more gas stations visited – back me up here guys).

I have also convinced my wife that during my study I have noticed an intermittent and very minute noise in the engine. Further it appears to be a low frequency noise, possibly only heard by the male ear. I have to be careful here, pressing my luck too much on this issue could result in her taking it back to the shop, and that is the LAST thing I want her to do.

By combining both the study and the noise, I can further use the excuse of NEEDING to travel on country roads to get accurate results. I might have taken this aspect a little too far when we debated winding roads vice those with sweeping turns.

Now the hard part to admit - even when I’m not driving our Sky, I have taken to deceiving my wife. Several times in the middle of the night she has caught me with the lights on staring at our Sky. So far I’ve gotten away with it by claiming to have heard a burglar and this last time I even chased him off. But now I have to use “plan B” – sleep walking.

So you see I have a problem. I am beginning to think my wife believes I have a mistress but so far I can point to the odometer and she knows otherwise. I need help – no I don’t plan to stop – I just need more excuses.

Signed, the Sky runs through my veins.

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“Permanent Big Grin” : Confessions of a Sky owner
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