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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
How about "Honey, while testing the various gasolines and their quality, I saw a very unique gift store that I wanted to check out for your Christmas present. They had the perfect gift for you in the front window. Trouble is, I can't really remember exactly where it is since I was paying such close attention to my gasoline studies. I figured if I re-created the circumstances, driving the same car and all, (like when you go to a room to get something and have to return to where you originally had the thought to remember what you went after in the first place.) I would surely remember where it was and be able to delight you at Christmas." This should get you miles of smiles. Just be prepard to have that super gift at Christmas, or say "I did finally find it but it really wasn't special enough for you once I saw it close up and personal." Just trying to help a fellow Sky brother. P.S. I've got a million more if you like.
No, we'll figure that out too.

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