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( LEt me preface...all in fun since the smile gets lost in cyber space as I type)

You don't get it. None of this is going over his wife's head. And if your wife didn't want those cars you have as much as you do, you would not have them. He is not full of pooh,. When girls go shopping together, we laugh at you all, we compare these tall tales, and howl for hours while sipping cosmopolitans. Blonde, Redhead, Brunette, silver haired makes no difference...we are onto your tricks, have been for centuries...and they amuse us. We outnumber you guys 7-1, more of us are registered to vote, and we vote more than you do, we make virtually all the buying way or another....even if you haven't figured it out, and more often than not, your boss is now a chick... Check your see as many beefcake ads (men scantily clad prancing around pushing product) than ever before...(Diet coke man...hubba-hubba). We think the stories are cute, and entire sitcoms have been written...taken from real womens' experiences with lovable dopes like ya'll ...about the misadventures that befall menfolk when they try to pull one over on their girls. And if I haven't convinced you that we are taking over the world, then consider this: Some of you are using the same goo we do on your faces to stay young looking !!! You said it yourself, you drive, she takes a nap...what a deal!!!!

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