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I still don't like the motor offered in this, compared to ours. Time will tell IF an upgrade is available in this dept. will happen? A GT version of this? 2.7 IC with DC paddle shifters? 350 horsepower, right off the showroom floor? Sure new car, warranty glore, no miles the odometer. I was just looking around some new 2018 models for me maybe. I have another box on my list to check off for a future vehicle. It would not bother me at all, if I took a test drive in this model, just for comparison sake. The a$$ in the seat reaction.

Given that our cars are getting old, ( just like me ) parts and service down the road will become an issue. That new car "smell" can be had for just a few pennies. Yeah right with the new Mazda Miata, which is pretty much bullet proof, to the new kid on the block, the Fiat 124, that has no history of consumer feedback, warranty recalls not with standing, think I would wait some before I buy, but hell a test drive, I got 20 minutes for that any day. Wanted to try that Alfa 4C just once, but then $$$$ for a 4C, and the dealer said no way without one of our guys going with you on your test drive. So much for the cruise on Rt. 77 east, my test road. Ah well still have the Kappa to beat and bang about in.

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