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Originally Posted by TomatoSoup View Post
Coupla more pics to show the workings of our dual-scroll turbos:

Now that I have the time, I want to expand on these two images a bit for those unfamiliar with why our turbo is called a Twin-Scroll and why that is important.

First off, there is the issue of exhaust gas pulses. These pulses are what drive the turbo. The problem in a normal turbo is these gases are funneled together before entering the turbo. What can happen is the exhaust pulse from one cylinder may strike the exhaust pulse from another cylinder and this collision takes energy away from the exhaust stream. This can slow down turbo spool up and decrease efficiency. By separating the cylinders into two separate paths, these exhaust pulse collisions can be avoided and the maximum energy from the exhaust flow can be utilized to drive the turbo.

The second part to this is how the two exhaust paths in a twin-scroll system work to achieve less lag without compromising top end power output as well. The following image I found does a good job of explaining this.

V.A.L. (#1108)
2007 2.4 Base
MagnaFlow dual outlet, quad tip exhaust test car

Max (#1547)
2007 TURBO 2.4
Too much to list here. See my Garage for details.

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