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With Robo and strungjoe you have two of our finer members, who know what their talking about. Water pump seems to be the big issue with this model. I would find out if it has been replaced, or has the rad. fluid been changed out? Ignition recall done? Pvt. seller or dealer? Any maint. records, from 1st owner, on what has or has not been done to it? Stock or modd?

Nose scrape? Broken qtr. panels? Top operation, and fabric condition? If as strungjoe has mentioned here, you have a real deal Redline CF SE model, then you have a rare one. Limited production #'s. Insurance rates for it? That is a key, what sold me on it. However it could be expensive. DD use or weekend fun & run car?

ChopTop has some threads on here about low mileage/ low price options for the Kappa, up dated weekly. Should tell you round about what some of them go for. Dealer mark up is always in the picture. You can offer them what you think you would like to pay for it, see what they say? You can walk away, but if they want to sell it bad enough, the imfamous ..." Let me talk to my sales manager, see what I can do for you", will come up!

The " Permagrin " will affect you, right from the get go. You have been warned. Watch the speedo on the test drive, you can be at 100mph. before you know it, trust me on this one!

Hope it affects your day! Your face muscles will never ever be the same again.

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