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Guys, I'll do my best to post some photos in the morning and perhaps that will clarify things. The Solstice merely has an open square the lower mount bolts go through, small plate on the trunk side and bracket on the rear side, if you will....

If the Sky has two bolt holes rather than the open square then there's the difference. Jim, the video is quite good however it does not show the lower mount bolt assembly except in the completed state. You could probably verify the mount procedure with a glance and a touch.

TS, I swear I've combed the Solsticefourm and come up empty so many times on this. The Sky guys are all over it and the seat belt guide installation. One Solstice owner did say the trunk lift works and I think it will. It's the initial slop that concerns me and the bolts backing out allowing shifting over a couple of times opening and closing. Like I said there are no lock washers and the nuts are not nylock so only thread torque is keeping this thing in alignment, at least in my observation. I so want it to work.

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