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I guess I hang out in Different forums. the 10 plus years in the Corvair forum, and many many more in several WW forums, I never experienced one with personal attacks like have been done here. Can't really say why, but never in my 25 plus years of internet forums (ok there were some bad usenet groups) Never deployed the nuke option until this place. I never blocked another users post until this place, but that seems to be working for me to make this a friendly place, and not one I just get pissed off coming to.

Anyhow. I enjoy this place, and even in my short time here, have seen some great contributors leave which is a shame, Still don't know the back story on GMtech but he seems to be a good guy.

Not really sure why I even bothered to post here but thought I would throw my 1 cent in.

I am a GM Engineer.

I do not claim to be a GM representative, all of my postings are my own interpretation and personal opinions.

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