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Cross between not having many cars built and not many people even knowing about them...and id rather talk about turbo maps than n scale trains but that's my preference. However, I don't see anyone looking at the forum and going away because they're snowflakes, but rather because it's just stupid banter and inside jokes. It's sort of like slapstick comedy in real life. Could you be the guy who hired larry curly and moe expecting a well-painted house only to be flustered when they've only painted themselves? Meanwhile, you still want to paint your house. That said, tons of useful info on here but it's so much harder to sift through than any of the other forums I've been on, including some sister platform forums. It's admittedly frustrating.

Also id be curious to the demographics here and our interests and all that. I'm a 29 year old dude who likes fast and weird cars. Would guess I'm on the younger end of the scale but with the same fascination, which is why we all own these. Love the car and the platform.
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