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A couple of quotes from the Solstice Forum that should illustrate that NASSOA died from lack of interest rather than lack of funding:

NASSOA Membership/Kappa Owners

It is with great sadness that the NASSOA council announces the sunset of the NASSOA organization. Effectively immediately, membership solicitation will no longer be accepted. Additionally, no further action will be taken on council membership nominations nor solicitations for hosting the 2011 NASSM.

The council has voted and taken this difficult step due to a steady decline in new and renewal memberships as well as the demise of both the Pontiac and Saturn brands causing the loss of our national brand managers at GM. Additional Association funds will be offered to the 2010 Canton NASSM committee for their use and any remaining funds will be donated to the American Red Cross in support of the Haiti Earthquake relief effort.

The original council members who served in various positions, most of whom remain today, wish to thank all those kappa owners who supported NASSOA over the past 3 years. We all believed in the original "Pontiac Excitement" the Solstice brought followed up by its Sky counterpart. The initial enthusiasm was overwhelming as exhibited by the grassroots movement which resulted in the first NASSM in Kansas City in June 2006. It was even more impressive to see all the regional clubs develop as well as the special meets begin to organize such as Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina and Twisting to The River in Ohio. The NASSM carried on through Nashville, Las Vegas, Denver and leading into this year at Canton.

However, the economy and other financial difficulties have impacted us all. Many of the regional clubs have grown smaller with fewer renewals and members as well. The NASSM participation has grown, but not to the level anticipated, and with the demise of both car brands, the original enthusiasm has begun to dissipate. The council sincerely hopes the grassroots movement which enabled NASSOA to begin, will carry on and continue the NASSM tradition in 2011.

Respectively submitted,

Acting Chair
NASSOA Council
as a current council member who voted to sunset this organization....most dont know the situation of the organization......yes the organization can remain in name only if the membership votes to maintain it....with that said.....when the call for new officers went out over a year ago....only one nomination was sent in, when the call for nominations went out to host the next national event after Canton...agaid silence........seems many people want to keep the organization..but yet noone wants to step up to do the work that is needed to keep it going (membership, accounting, tax filing, vendor solicitation, website maintenance, banking, and much more)......all of us have been working the organization for over three years now....and as Mel stated..worked our butts off to make this happen....and remember....we are all volunteers here...and this isnt our full time job.......but yet we have devoted countless hours to make it ....
also.....many times the organization was defamed by some and more that I dont feel needs to be rehashed here........this organization was deeply linked to corporate GM and marketing brand managers who we dealt with frequently.......all that is gone......we had repeatedly asked for suggestions for how to make it better....and got nothing in return..but seems everyone has an opinion......yes some local clubs may have grown...but our outlook shows many have simply reached a plateau......and the renewals significantly was mentioned.....a local organization can do more for its immediate membership...than a not for profit national organization....... I could go on...but for those who vote NO to sunset the organization.....what are you prepared to do to keep it afloat is my question to you?

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