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Originally Posted by BlueRL View Post
Well, the highest storm surge measured in all of history, world wide, was the Katrina storm surge of 28' ASL.

Our house floor is 44' and the driveway/Garage is 35' so seems safe. Our house is on the highest point "on a salt washed bluff" on the Gulf Coast from Key West to Mexico. So until a new historical high is recorded its pretty safe.

But new historical highs are always being recorded.....LOL
Good info. See, this kind of stuff normally isn't on my radar. 28' is still pretty high but yea, sounds like you are in the clear unless things get biblical. LOL

Originally Posted by mbeardsley View Post
Yeah, looks like I may be taking in a "refugee" family for a day or two.

A very good friend of mine has had his house flooded, and his family will likely be staying with us for a bit. Don't know the details yet as his situation is still in flux, but at least he and his family (including the pets) were able to escape any serious harm. Though he says his house has about 6 feet of water in it.
Dang. Well, you are a good friend sir.

I read a report this morning that it is estimated that over 500,000 cars will be destroyed due to flood damage in the Houston area. Don't know how true this is but I imagine some may wind up being Kappas. After all, TX is one of the four big Kappa states in the Union (CA, FL, and MI being the other three) and the Houston area I'm sure had more than a few. Considering how our cars are used, I'm betting any that do fall into that destroyed number will be those where the owners had them as a "weekend" car and will be in storage when the storm hit.

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