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Originally Posted by skersfan View Post
Like I said, I have heard this story since 1971. They were discounting the 2016 by 25-30 K when I was looking at them. 2019 will be the same car with more horsepower. MEH. I seriously thought about it, but read about the mules and thought I can wait for the mid engine. I no longer believe I will see it in my lifetime. The wife wants the new Lexus coupe, may just go look at it.
They way how you describe the wife's driving technique , I would check with your insurance company first, ... before she takes a test drive in the New Lexus there partner.

The new Vette for 2019. I did read that the other day. Looks good, with plenty of power. I think that was what I saw a couple of months ago on Motor Week, the new Calloway version 755 they tested at Summit Point Motorsports Park. More of everything.

The mid engine Vette will happen one day. Some may like it, true blue owners will hate it. Front engine V8 rear wheel drive, to mid mounted V8 with or with out twin Turbo's? 150K up and up it goes. Getting into the Euro range now. The Vette was an alternative to the higher priced models from Europe to compete with them, at a better price. Bang for the buck. As for me, KISS an old 68 C3 with a 327 and I'd be good with that.

The GTO special. Looks good and odd, but that is just me. Yes great time and effort went into this. Sharp lines of the old one with the round rear of the current one. Sounds like a woman I once knew.

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