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Originally Posted by Sky4christ View Post
So I sold the explorer about a month ago, and decided I wanted an Saturn astra as my daily driver.
what I didn't know is that the production #'s of the astra were actually lower than the Sky (the astra in the US was only made for technically one year as in 09 they were just trying to sell off the 08's If I understood what I read correctly)
So I found one in Rockford Illinios and I'm going to pick it up this weekend (its supposed to be -6 there on saturday so I'm going to die since I'm a florida boy) But at least I'll die owning to satur-opels
flying up on saturday and driving down saturday/sunday, I hope to pass by many skys in their garages where they should be in this weather.
Intend on passing by, Chicago, Indy, Nashville, and ATL.
FWIW, I have two Saturns, one is, of course, my Sky Redline, and the other is a 2003 Saturn LW300. I have 170k on my LW300 and it's still going strong and my DD and I am still averaging 24 mpg with its 3.0 V6. The LW has been the most reliable and trouble free car I have ever owned. So if you like the Astra, go for it regardless of the board's naysayers, or maybe that's bored naysayers.
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