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Just reading about the Z$4 from BMW. Looks nice, a refresh of their older Z3/Z4. The body contours are different than our Kappa, then again our car is 10 years old now, no real 2nd gen for our model. Wind shield rake looks more pronounced. Tail lights are bigger. Exhaust tips are wider. Rear deck spoiler is different.. solid not open to the rear bumper like ours. Rims are pretty cool.

The Humps... or half humps. That looks familiar. The Fiat 124 had these so I can see the comparison to that. Again a newer model car than ours. Tech know advances jump at the speed of light these days with car mfg. Our car for their time frame were hot lick at the time. Interior/top is an unknown. It's a BMW.. you get what you pay for. Twice as expensive as the Kappa? Bang for the buck fun?

Fins on the front? I'd have to get use to that. Honda like? Maybe just the next new thing from this mfg. or any out there. I reviewed a few cars on a couple of articles from the Geneva 2018 show. Couple of cool cars out there. New models and refresh for older ones in their line ups.

All in the eye of the beholder..


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