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Originally Posted by skersfan View Post
Carl, it appears that things are changing and possibly a group is truly being formed to run and operate these events. Non profit organizations can have employees, can bring in major sponsors and can put money away for future events. I hope that this is the plan, as it is just too much work for a single group to learn and do it every year.
I wish this was the case, but I don't see this happening again. Originally there was NASSOA (North American Solstice & Sky Owners Association, which was partially funded by General Motors, (Pontiac) and maybe a bit by Saturn. With the GM bankruptcy. and the dissolution of Pontiac and Saturn, the funding from the GM side evaporated. It was also partially funded by membership fees, and that part also dried up about the same time and for a bunch of reasons. The funds remaining were used for the Canton meeting in 2010.

Since then, each event has been hosted by a different group in a different location by Kappa owners that stepped forward when needed. I was peripherally involved with the Asheville effort, having independently reviewed and driven their runs while I was in the area. I haven't been involved with any other events until this recent stretch.

There is a core group of people that support these get togethers, almost regardless of where they occur. These same people are involved in supporting 2019 in New York. The Pacific Northwest Group, which put on the Portland meeting, appears to be behind the 2020 Rapid City event. There isn't a lot of crossover between these two groups.

That's about it as far as I can see down the road. I would love to see a national group emerge to take over the planning of these events, but I don't see any funding coming from the ranks to support it. Our kappa enthusiast groups are just too small. and too highly, regionally based.

I don't know.


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