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After 2010 a group of us discussed putting together a "Technical Services Group" that could work from home on an event anywhere in North America to help a local group host an event. The idea was to provide web services, vendor contacts, merchandise source recommendations, and procedural advice to a group so that they could focus on the local aspects of the event. I had hoped that 2011 in Lexington would provide the springboard for that group, mainly leveraging the knowledge gained during the 2010 event (although probably not most of the people who were quite burned-out by that time) but that never happened. Conversations after 2011 failed to generate any traction for a variety of reasons.

My belief, solidified by my experience last year, is that one or two motivated people can successfully plan and prepare for one of our NASSAMs in one year without excessive stress or effort. tarting more than a year in advance is really only necessary to ensure that the date is available at the chosen venue. I learned the hard way what I should have already known, that it takes more than four people, however motivated, to successfully execute that event without excessive stress and effort.

The hardest part of the planning and preparation is figuring out what you don't know. Given a pre-existing website design, tested and proven registration, payment, and merchandise ordering arrangements, reliable and experienced sources for merchandise, known contacts with major vendors, and a guide-book of what to look out for, the rest is really pretty easy, if somewhat time consuming on occasion. Any area that is going to host an NASSAM is going to already have a catalog of good runs and car activity destinations, and is going to have a suitable hotel and banquet complex. Having a TSG to provide the backbone needed to build the event around frees the organizers to sort out local vendors, schedules, and on-site assistance.

I still think the idea of the TSG is valid, and requires very little in the way of organization, but it is going to take the right group of people to set it up, and the right group of event organizers to actually take advantage of it. So, yeah, it will probably never happen.

Can a moderator slice all of this non-2020 crap out of this thread and put it in its own? I don't feel that it should be deleted, unless by the posters, but it shouldn't clutter up the event thread.

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