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Good Evening:

As was done for 2018 I've posted 2020 information on the three forums and Facebook. Thus far Kappa Performance - No discussion to date, Solstice Forum - A little discussion to date, but I think generally positive, Facebook - 236 folks are now following and a fair bit of excitement, and this forum. Only here has any discussion ensued pertaining to process of choosing a site. Clearly a few of you gentlemen have significant information and perhaps sentiments with which I was entirely unfamiliar when I queried a handful of folks about organizing something for 2020 so that we'd know there would be a 15th event.

I'd like to make my request of the moderators at this juncture to completely delete this thread so that you folks may start one of your own, or better yet...if possible, keep the thread with a new name but delete my posts as they don't seem to be relevant to the discussion.

My further request is that if this group of individuals feels that I've overstepped my bounds in coordinating a Nationals without proper authority I will gladly offer Rapid City as a suggestion for competition with other sites, or simply cancel what we've planned thus far outright, there is no harm done and no funds expended.

Just let me know before August 15th please so that I can let the hotel know that there may be no event, and I will further have any threads edited to insure the community knows that I miss stepped.

I was just trying to help, but I seem to have inadvertently brought to the surface a discussion I'd no idea had even existed. You all have my sincerest apologies if I'm to blame for any harm done.

Best regards,


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