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Originally Posted by MeanYellow View Post
There are dozens of posts like those, moron.
MeanYellow, I understand you're new so you may not know this but we don't tolerate name calling here. Check it please. I'm not editing the post for now just to leave it as an example.

Also the person you're calling moron is a GM engineer who worked on the Kappa project...and has a point.

Let's say there are dozens of posts...even 5 dozen (which there aren't that many)...You're talking 60 cars out of 90,000, and we'll round it up to're talking 0.1% of production. Having researched all the complaints on the NHTSA's website from the start of production until Feb 2016 I know the number of complaints for transmission issues is FAR less than the number for the Passenger Presence Sensor it is unreasonable to believe the problem was as large in scale as that one.

Therefore, DavHamm makes a very valid point. When compared to production numbers and issues that have warranted a recall, the number of transmission "failures" is relatively small. As Davhamm pointed out (and is often the case with most consumers) unless you have analyzed each and every one of those threads to determine whether or not the transmission was the root of the failure like Davhamm did with the five threads presented, you cannot accurately say that all those posts are genuine transmission failures.

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