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Yea we put a breather on the catch can, oil just poured out of it. Never had a drop before the turbo upgrade. We messed with it all day. I think the plug and play wires that were wired wrong have caused problems in the ecm. Not an electronics expert by any means but when you cross wire something, normally their is a price to pay somewhere. Today we loaded the new tune and turned the lap top off/disconnected it frome the port and the service air bag light came on?

The car runs perfectly for awhile, but the codes for the MAP sensor are almost intantly in pending errors (as I understand it) The car runs fine for awhile then the engine light comes on. The changes in sound and we seem to have exhaust leaks. The car goes from running at 192 to 212 just idling and the fan goes to full throttle, but shuts off when you turn the car off. It has never done that before. The car in four years never had a code.

I wanted to order the Powell item, but really do not think the problem is there. It has to be a leak some where, and the computer trying to compentsate for the error. The car is impressive when it is running right. But when the code comes on the cars just changes. It does not go into limp mode. Robo thinks he figured something out today. Thinks possibly the perimiters can be changed by the tune. I don't know a thing about this stuff, so it is painful for me. I don't like running my car this hard to do the logs. Doing this now for almost 4 months is just too long to be good for a car.

But according to Robo the tune is perfect, no knock, runs fantastically, then he leaves and the car goes F you and does its fun stuff . lol

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