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Originally Posted by Pattsullivan View Post
Robo, thats unfortunate about the DDM rail. I hadnt even really looked that deep into the process of converting to the return style system (shame on me), i just assumed the plugs would be able to be drilled out and the outer threads would be used for plumbing the regulator and return lines. Now that i am thinking about it though, maybe you could use some old scraps or worn tools to spot weld something to the end of the plug that could be more easily gripped and then wrench it out that way.. similar to the trick used to get stripped/sheared screws out. Im just thinking out loud though. Its been a while since ive even observed the ends of the fuel rail on my car to know if this is feasible. But like i said, ill just cross that bridge when i come to it.

The Tial bov n wastegate look to be pretty high quality. Actually, everything ive looked at in the kit seems to be high quality. Doesnt look like there were any comprimises made in the design.

For now, im going through the turbo install instructions and pulling applicable kappa service manual procedures that way i shouldnt have to look up too much information from the manual mid-install. Id like to think this will save me a fair amount of time. LOL listen to me. I need something to get my mind off this or its gonna be a long week.
I have the wastegate I just don't have the BOV/Bypass Valve. Forgot to order it when I was getting the rest of my stuff and just don't have the funds for it now.

The main issue with the plugs in the DDM rail...and keep in mind I didn't try to remove the set from my first rail. I'm just going by Dave's word that the threads are what get buggered when you try and take the plugs out. Something about removing them screws up the ends to where the rail is unusable. I would contact Dave at DDM for more info on this since he is the one that had the experience with it. I took his word for it and just custom ordered a rail without all the plugs and only some of the fittings.

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