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That was an interesting explanation, as always there Robo. Good Sunday morning read with my coffee. I think it is why I reference your car here on the forum sometimes, when I see recently new to the SKY/Kappa platform owners, asking about upgrades to the OEM stock performance increase question. Yes... your mods are off the " fuel rails " for some, but it is a good indication of where you could go with our cars. 2.0 or 2.4 then mod to a hybrid version there of, or something like that. lol

Minor upgrade to mid-major power package upgrade... to the full blown insanity of replace everything with something better. More bang for your buck.
How fast do you want to go? How big is your budget? More power, greater acceleration, top end speed, torque on the bottom end, it use to be simple, more air, more fuel, more bang should get you to the promised land, or there a bouts. However with our cars, and with most modern cars now days computer control restricted by what the factory pre-set OEM base line, I agree with others, the base tune from Trifecta, etc. changes whatever air/fuel/exhaust/electrical changes you make. A must have imo, IF you want to over come the handicap of the restrictions from the factory pre-set. I have read and listen to you, John, skersfan, TS and others explain this in many threads over the years here on the forum.

So.. the air intake is upgraded, stock charge pipes optional, the exhaust has some improvements over OEM, your fuel feed is improved, the electrics get more sparky, your tune has "tuned up" the overall package...from the baseline ECM pre-set, the key to specialize recalibration for your car only is where major gains could be made, without blowing up your internals.

The two key things that caught my attention were the improvement to better brake pads, and the tunnel brace for stability under force with your horsepower improvements. IF the brakes don't stop it... something will. lol
Yeah pretty much... I am about to do my entire braking system in the spring. Everything. Safety first. The extra control of the new tunnel brace will help with throttle control adjustments... when it gets to the twisty sections of the roadway, when applying this new found horsepower improvement you've made.
With canyon carving, with Auto-X, track day run what you brung day, or the quick boosted burst freeway entrance ramp, my spot in the hwy. traffic going to work moment, you can spend a fortune over the years building up horse power improvements. Some improvements are done in a weekend with limited budgets. Others improvements may need off site, not in your garage help with upgrades with a healthy budget applied.

Seems I am typing to much here but it always good to get baseline help from our community of owners, before any upgrade is made to your Kappa. Better to be informed by owners, who have made improvements to our cars, then take the word of some guy in... 7/11 parking lot, or the parts counter of your local auto store. Mileage on the odo right now? A good starting point when making changes IF you want too? Then how long for this? IN a weekend,or over the next month or year will this improvement take place? $$$ Over or under odds, just like in Vegas. 1K or more? $1K or less? You the owner/operators selects the starting point for improvements to your ride. Your the one.. that IS funding this adventure here. Once knee deep into these improvements, and in debt're hooked for life. The more improvements for horsepower... Need for Speed never ever seem to end.. sort of like this post LAC?

The End I promise...but wait if you order right now... we will double your horsepower improvements...

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