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Originally Posted by ParakeetJohn View Post
I love your interior. I'd like that in red. Where did you get it done?

Your information is awesome. I used to work on my cars, rebuilding 68 Firebirds, brakes, etc, but don't have the time anymore, nor the desire. Finding a good mechanic who knows the car, and how to safely do these mods (braces, exhaust; San Diego/Temecula) will be as golden info as anything.

Or... club/group people who do it (right).

Cost isn't an issue with me. Finding the right mechanic who won't damage the car in the process... is.

Looks like you have a lot of fun in your Sky. Totally awesome. Your knowledge is a great benefit to everyone.
Originally Posted by ParakeetJohn View Post
What you write is timeless. It is appreciated.

My plan: 2007 RL, Black.

1. Find a mechanic that can do the following without any Sky damage:

A backbone, sway bars, braces. Everything in Red, or, Canary Yellow. (Lol.)

Intake/Exhaust for deep grumble sound.

I'm worried about emissions (Smog check) with the high flow cat downpipe, but if no worries, that too.

Then, the vendor remote tune to "see" these mods and adjust accordingly.

Then Hawk pads.

Leather like Seat Covers (Red). I currently have cloth.

2. Have it all done (mechanical stuff), or learn from a pro as to how.

Well, you're in luck. The guy who did the seats is also located at a shop that I'd trust to work on your car out in Beaumont. I think @skersfan and I may have told you about this shop before. The interior guy can take a while but he can do the work. Of course, you may be able to find the factory red seat covers for your car as well as the door panels. I know Skersfan had a set but I want to say he sold it.

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