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Unfortunately, at the moment, the local Camaro owner is looking for a lawyer to help him out.

He is going to dump the car because he wants to have a car he can autocross and not have to worry about costing him a random $6500 as there is no fix to prevent a false second deploy of the airbags.

And by no fix, I mean, there is a fix, but GM is refusing to put it in his car and reimburse him.

Pretty sad that a $70,000 Camaro designed for the track can't even be used in AutoCross.

All the hype on this web page amounts to a pile of B.S.
He even has the 1LE Extreme Track Package
and the above video was taken via the

GM has all the logged data, from their own data logger and still tells the owner to pound sand when airbags deploy at 19mph, Even though they have acknowledged the issue in a different vehicle that uses the same parts.

I just don't understand how people can be loyal to this company.

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