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Originally Posted by JohnWR View Post
As I understand it, once the canister is clogged it is done, and drying out doesn't help. That may or may not be correct as I have not experienced it.

Moose: If you weren't seeing the fuel backing up and then not backing up I would advise that you should use the same pump every time if you are trying to find out what is causing the problem. A different pump, even at the same station, can be set for more or less back pressure.

Since you can actually see a difference in how the fuel is going into the tank I am more inclined to think it is the car. Maybe the vent solenoid valve is intermittently getting stuck closed, since I don't know what else could cause this. (You are turning the car off to fuel it, I am sure.)
Yes. Car is off when fueling. It is or was the car. I pulled the nozel out and watched the gas back up till it almost spilled out then it went back down. I would put more in, real slow and within 5 seconds it was ready to overflow again. I repeated that process several times. Then today put ten bucks in like normal, full speed and was fine. I will keep folks posted if it happens again. That is maddening to try and fill your car up and it takes two forevers to get it done. Gremlins?
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