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Originally Posted by mstrjon32 View Post
Does it? I have a RL and have always thought that this car didn't really sound all that great. The only redeeming factor is the sound of the turbo--but every other sound from under the hood just makes it sound broken, and the exhaust, eh. Thankfully the nice handling and the performance more than make up for the sound.

The dual exhaust does look better, though.
I have a RL exhaust on my NA and really like it.

The RL with the RL exhaust sounds (exhaust-wise) about the same as an NA with an NA exhaust, but the RL exhaust is quite a bit more open, due to the muffling effect of the turbo. Because of that, the RL exhaust on an NA gives it just enough "throat" to be interesting without being obnoxious. You also get a very cool crackling "back-talk" when decelerating under certain conditions.

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