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Sometimes it is the easy solution to the problem at hand. Having the hood shake while driving is not the most ideal condition for most owners.

The latch could have been... out of alignment. The body panels could have been off, the hinges could have needed tightening but the easy fix presents itself when the community lends a helping hand to an owner in distress. It's what we do here.

The rubber snubbers do screw in or out for adjustments. There are also metal adjustment screws that can tighten or loosen the fitment of the hood/trunk.

IF it were something else, body panels, hood re-alignment, bumper height, etc there is a PDF factory file around here someplace showing what can be done.

A good coat of Dielectric grease on all rubber parts, gaskets seals is a good idea. WD-40 on latches, cables, hinge points is something I was just doing the other day. Along with evicting a chip monk from my engine bay too.

You just never know... until you look. Door locks, trunk weather strips, cable lubrication here, rubber snubber adjustment there...checking the little things now, before you get busy with the summer driving season pays off. Better then having your hood fly up on you... just sayin.

Glad it was a quick and easy, and not so expensive fix for you.


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