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$1.83.. nice deal IF you can get it lol.

Nah.. 16k is dreaming. 15k miles is nice, but there are other cars out there with less miles, for the same 16kish money.
Hard to know.. when to pull the trigger on the dream car purchase. Your mind says one thing, your heart and right foot says different.
Impulse buy or nah too much to repair/replace, upgrade on this model/yr. or make for me right now... I was in the Impulse buy category myself. 2 days, cash purchase, drive home the 130 miles smiling away. Mission Accomplished. Job well done.

Hard to pass up a potential buy on your car when it is close like in your own backyard.
No travel time to, no shipping charges to haggled out between buyer & seller. No wait time either
Go and purchase, get new tags & reg. insurance is out of the way, and drive it home, smiling like a little schoolgirl. IF you wait you "might" find a better deal money wise later, maybe less miles wear & tear... a budget that fits the next new improvements you might make.. or have to repair. Save for the WP now moment or "other" un-foresceen expensive circumstances that prevent the Permagrin.. Stock or modded, low miles with sh*tty maintenance or High miles with many mods costs after purchase is always a question to consider too? Used is used. Sometimes you make out, sometimes you don't. Buyer beware.

I think I paid 13,645. for mine, sight un-seen. They tried to charge me 14,800 but I talked them down. You should try to talk him down from 16k. Can't hurt any? IF he the seller wants to make a deal, you'll have your car. It's your money... you can wait. He might not want too long for a sale either. Fast cash now in hand, is better than no cash wait forever for the right buyer to show up or not... know what I mean?

Luck with it...


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