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Ok, I am finally going to start gaining more traction on this build. I am in the process of doing R&R on the clutch and waterpump (<may convert to electric), so it seems a good time to take other stuff apart too...

New parts(well, new to me):

-AEM wideband o2 controller (Re-found from another project, previously though lost in a move...)
-GFB G-Force III EBC (Scored this super cheap NIB, will see how it works out)
-42lb ev6 injectors (will work for now, until I decide to pull a Robo and blow her up... JK)
-Solo Cat-free downpipe
-OEM RL intercooler
-OEM RL charge pipes
-DDM turbo to airbox elbow

(Thanks to Skersfan for having some IC parts stashed away!)

Question about coolant (Water) hookup on the turbo:

- I have an LNF t-stat housing a pipe (it's off a Regal, so maybe it fits... lol). So the OEM water line should hook easily from T-stat housing to turbo. After re-reading Robotech's build, there was an edit about returning straight to the head (LNF style). Could someone elaborate on the fitting in the head? Maybe a picture of this fitting?

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