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Engine Code P0691 Fan 1 Control Circuit Low

Needing some help with this.

*Series of events*
-I heard a weird noise from my engine bay, I shut off my car and popped my hood. I saw my serpentine belt we becoming unbanded and ready to snap any moment. I started the car to see if I could get home, then it snapped in the Costco parking lot.
-I replaced both belts. (I was already under the car, so I did both)
problems always come in pairs...
-couple days later my car is over-heating badly coolant temp reached 250
-did some trouble shooting and research, I ended up replacing the Fan Control Module -Link :

Everything works great and my car is cooling it self back to 199 perfectly
-after driving on the freshly installed FCM, the engine code come up (P0691).
-I have had it erased twice by Autozone, only to return again. I've checked the 60amp fuse (slot 1). the fuse is fine, I even tried a new fuse to see if that would work.

I have run out of ideas for what could fix this. I've looked on the forum and tried squeezing my large coolant line and plugging my overflow to put a vaccuum on the line and get the air bubbles out. Nothing has worked thus far. I'm hoping someone can help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Car: 2009 Saturn Sky Redline
Miles: 79,000
Transmission: Automatic

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