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The big expense for any car, is labor costs for tear down & re-install at dealership prices. Hard on any checkbook or Mastercard.
At 115k on the odo, this is the right thing to do at this point. I love this car so I have to get it fixed!!! Expensive love knows no bounds or amount.

With the front half of the motor already apart to inspect the suspect WP/over heating issue, other problems per the SM/tech at Dealership 2 confirms what the 1st dealership determined to be the problem.
Less costs at this dealer than the one that installed the OEM WP replacement.

1) Difference in price between the two dealerships?
2) WP warranty?

Head gasket is fine. That's a plus in your favor and checkbook. However "so it should just be a water pump change". Hmmmm.
This is the 3rd WP, the OEM one, then the replacement one from the first dealership, that has a parts warranty?
But this 2nd WP did not fail on it's own per the 2nd dealer or did it fail in some way? IF it did then it's warranty from the
1st dealer. IF not a failure of the part, then it is non-warranty issue on the part from the 1st dealer.
However...I say sure go ahead and change it out. You opted for a new WP and the cost/labor here driving up your bottom line.

This extra cost to you for this new WP part, $300. is an add on to your total costs. 3rd WP
on this car since the factory @115k with no head/motor damage so far. I see where you changed out the OEM thermostat recently
and burped the system. That's good in one aspect here, old OEM part gone so it wasn't a stuck thermostat that was driving up your
temps in the first place, not that the 1st dealership would have noticed that or replaced the thermostat in the WP replacement they did earlier?

Then this from the 2nd dealership: Tensioning guides was really loose and all of the teeth on the sprocket were wore down.
SO.. did the 1st dealership miss this too when replacing your WP? Did their work cause this slop in the chain guides, thus causing the worn sprocket issue and now replacement of these parts at dealership 2 also?

Timing chain/balancer chain replacement with guides/sprockets. Another good thing to do on your part with 115k on the odo. Expensive? Yes.
Less expensive than having your motor blow out later. Pretty much.
Tensioning guides was really loose and all of the teeth on the sprocket were wore down. Soon this would have let go in Murphy's Law world.

Now back to the warranty issue here.
In writing from this 2nd dealership. After this work has been completed, the first 30 days will tell you something.

I would bring it back to them, have them re-check everything they did if you have any concerns, odd noises, temps rise beyond your comfort level.
Lot of money on your part, lot of labor on their part, just to be safe to both parties involved here.
They the dealership does not want to go through this again for a warranty issue.
You do not want to go through this again for the time lost, money well spent.
A never ending cycle when dealing with several dealerships.

When was this 2nd WP changed out by the first dealer? Mileage on the odo? Cost of that job to your checkbook?
How did the 1st dealership miss all the worn sprockets teeth, loose slop in the chain guides AND... anything else?
I understand from your point of view that I might as well replace it with a new one, why risk it at the cost of $300,
plus the original labor costs of this job at the first dealership.

Lot of love and expense on your part with your car, maybe GM will help some if you bring it to their attention,
then again maybe not for a car no longer in their production line up?

Luck with it. Let us know is all is well after the break in period of 30 days/3000 miles more or less.
AND IF you have to return to the 2nd dealership for problems related to their most recent work on your car?


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