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This is good news for you, So Far. You did the right thing, with the warranty in writing imo.
First 30 days, hell first 30 minutes more like it to find a problem. Replacing the intake cam solenoid
fixes part of the problem here though.

How did the dealership miss this code before handing the car back to you? Rough or semi-rough idling
test drove car by service tech but... it's good to go? Picking up your car at 5:30pm just when the shop is closing... Hmmm.
Dealership has the car for 1/2 hour to hook up their scanner, read the code then determine that the solenoid is bad. OK
but this was done after the work was completed. I would check under your hood, just to see the ole eye test, IF anything else
looks out of place? Check all connections, fittings, hoses, etc. You never know until you look closely. Question everything you
don't like? For $2700. bills you have that right, warranty or not.

Good that the temps are with normal range for now. Changing out the oil & filter is important cause your friend is right here
where did those shaving go? New oil & filter is cheap insurance when having major work done like this. Unless the oil pan really
needs to come off is another question and.. expense on your part. I'd wait before doing that.

Robo ( another nice guy too, here on our network ) has some great info, about if one cam solenoid went, the " other " one is surely
to go out soon. Easy to replace, not that expensive and gives you some piece of mind here sort of. Changing out the plugs would
be a good idea too @115k if they have not been replaced before? Go easy on your performance tests during this break in period imo.
Normal driving for awhile , as you check over their work and how your car operates to your $2700. satisfaction?
Anything you don't like you can go back and address your concerns with the SM at the dealership as they arise, more or less.

Top down weather driving conditions... curb your enthusiasm, prevent the permagrin just a bit here. Keep your drives short and close to home & dealership, just in case for a few days/weeks.
You do not want to be out in the boonies, carving up the twisties and... have something go wrong, long tow bill back to the dealership, know what I mean?

For $2700 bills things better be ok for you the consumer/owner/operator.
IF so then let the dealership/GM know your satisfaction with this dealer, and...
maybe not so satisfied with the first dealership?
It's just words after all,... like the hand written warranty signed by the dealership.. in writing.


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