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Originally Posted by Rusty Boltz View Post
These surveys aren't worth much. The people who participate are the same ones who bought Hummers and then complained about gas mileage.
This made me laugh some there Rusty. Sure... it's gets great gas mileage. BUT.. let's check the gas pump total " after " your
recent fill up. Yes let's buy a Kappa, it's a practical car, and... has lots of trunk space for our stuff a win win for sure.

IF you can afford a Hummer, you can afford the gas for it. In civilian usage while not.. crushing the latest Nissan Leaf under it's
massive sized tires, it's protective to the occupants inside. It can take a hit, from anything and survive more or less. Not being chased
by bad guys with AK-47's or RPG's per say in the badlands but the afternoon rush hour traffic has no clue.

Initial survey. Long term survey. Define reliable. How many times did your new vehicle return to the dealer for repairs?
Has it ever had to return to the dealership for repairs? How long did you have wait in our lounge for said repairs?
Warranty covered for the 3 yr./ 36,000 miles or less was this repair a major or minor thing to you the owner?
How much of this return to the dealership to fix these " problems " from the factory, has put you the owner
in a state of mind... never again mode? Will you buy another car from this mfg? Would you recommend this dealer to friend?

A never ending battle... to gain consumer confidence and... buy again. Brand loyalty had it's day... but now it's about
how much time is going to be wasted by me the owner to return my new car to fix stuff. You get what you pay for.
Somedays you get a Hummer of a Day and sometimes your life turns to Krappa at the pay your bill here moment.

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