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Originally Posted by Amorget View Post
Very nice looking car!

Be interesting to see how well the lenses come off of the tail lights.
The tail light lenses were a "scary" project. Unlike the headlights, they aren't "Easy" to open. You technically break them to get the lenses off. They are just glued to the surround.
But its just a cover. The red lenses on the inside are fully enclosed to the back of the fixture, so the only real reason for the outer lense is to prtect the inside ones, and to make it smooth. Personally think it looks better and more unique contoured.

I originally took them off just to do the insides in black, and found that they weren't going to go back together, so I went for it. Got some rubber seal to fix the gap problem around the frame and trunk/fender for looks, and there ya go. Has sort of an old school look up close with the visible rubber seal. I liked it so kept it that way. Need to repaint them since the car body paint didn't do too well with the heating plastic and bubbled. Might try air free vinyl wrap next. We shall see.

All in all, with a little daring, this was a cheap and quick project. Took a couple hours including time for paint to dry.
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