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Originally Posted by LAC Sky View Post
Car looks good, your customizing list is extensive. Most people have a hobby, a passion for something entertaining
to them. Some of us... however have a car fixation, the need for speed, or I'll personalize my ride to my own liking,
as our hobby. Tinker with this, little money there, paint that, another weekend messing with something on my car.
* I was out yesterday late afternoon, clean the wheels, undercarriage, rust spots (2) and some cold adult beverages.

2 things that stood out to me...
Dyed seats, door panels, carpet, and dash deeper black(was black and tan). You dyed the original OEM seats? Carpet too?
Heated seats. You changed out the OEM seats, or altered them? Not sure there was an electrical connection for this to happen?

Seems you have a thing.. for purple here. Calipers painted purple. That's a one off customized item I've not seen before.

Photo posting work needs attention. Not to worry Robo or John will fix this... soon for you. I'm not buy a Hans device for
for the forum so I can look at photos... in the vertical position. My neck hurts. lol

* Charging the Go-Pro cam now as I type this. About to take a run this morning, few miles on the car, little video footage
of some back roads around here. Something for the You-Tube account update this month.

Good Luck with your upgrades to your gem.

Yes I dyed it. Since the carpet and floor mats are basically a type of fiber vinyl, you can get a spray can of black vinyl dye on amazon for less than $10. took about 3 cans to get the richness I wanted. Not really noticeable unless you compare it to the original "Grey-Black" That was in there. Looks way more Luxury end now.

I dyed the tan on the seats. Sand down, black dye, black roseline finish and set. That's a longer project simply for having to remove the seats and slips, but worth it. They don't look the best because the driver seat itself needs replaced(couple rips from before I got it) but they definitely look better than the tan.

The heated seats are modules I ordered off Amazon, ended up very nice(HOT). They are a 7 dial switch for each seat(you can see the dials in the pics next to the passenger airbag light). Easy enough to install. VERY carefully drilled the holes out in the panel for the switches, grounded them under the center arm rest, rand the power under the carpet to the passenger side fuse panel and tapped the open remote fuse. Ran the modules back under the carpet to the cut outs under the seats, installed in seats, good to go. =)
Perfect on a cold night with the top down.

Yes, my color scheme is black with purple accents. Its way more unique and I like to be as different as possible. lol
Of course no one makes anything in purple so I have to do all the lighting and coloring myself. Luckily learned that I can in fact sew cross stitches(Shift boot and steering wheel) and im not terrible with paint(Calipers). And ive been soldering lights into cars for years, so the ac unit was the only scary one. and those you just use T3 bulbs that twist in. MAKE SURE to get a good connection though, because they do not like to stay, then you have to remove the whole dash again to fix them.
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