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Originally Posted by TopDown13 View Post
How have the Ksports been holding up? Their spring rates at 14K front and 12K back seems much higher than the 6K or 7K on BC coilovers...
Hi Steve,

Well made, however they may be more suited to track, auto-x, and smooth road spirited driving rather than daily driving. One adjustment for damping and rebound introduces compromise; I wish I could leave the damping where it is, and increase the rebound a bit. I've found it to be good half way (16 clicks down from 1-32 range, all around)

I think if you put the 12k spring rate springs up front, and get 10k in the rear ($50), it would be better suited for daily driving. I'm actually considering it. I had some harmonic issues, which made me think the rates are actually 12k or 14k all around but haven't inspected that close since install. Will let you know if the marking on both springs are the same (should not be but never took clear picture or compared front and back, just left and right).

At $5-600, I would recommend. Over that maybe something else could be better depending on your use.

Plus side of having springs that stiff is flat cornering, and no bottoming out or rub. Downside is some larger bumps appear to unsettle the car. Roads around here are not that great. Back in Illinois these would work well as is for daily. Small bumps and irregular road/cracks are much like factory. No new noises or rattles were introduced. Looking at that center tunnel brace and rear brace now.
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