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Originally Posted by MattM View Post
OK....SO here is my questions and thing I find confusing......

I did the paper towel method where I wiped it off completely and the cord above the end of the dipstick as well. Well this dipstick setup seems kind of stupid to me because when you put it down in then pull it out that cord always seems rub the sides of the tube.

My question is...if the oil is only just to the full line and not overly full would the cord above the end of the dipstick have oil on it as well?
Most dipsticks are this way but usually you can tell what's the oil level and what's residue from the tube. Also, the residue on the tube should be minimal.

You're looking at that "anchor" at the lower part of the stick. It has "notches" on it and full is every notch having oil suspended in the notch. Residue won't be enough to fill the notch and have oil suspended within it.

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