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Originally Posted by TomatoSoup View Post
Not exactly - there isn't an actuator for the Blower dial. According to the schematics there is the "Left Temperature Actuator", "Right Temperature Actuator" and the "Mode Actuator", but why there are two temp flaps, I don't know. There's a note that says 'Left' means left side of the HVAC module and 'Right' means right side. It also says the Mode Actuator is on the left too.

You now know what I know

UPDATE: I looked at the manual's replacement instructions, and now I know more:

Parts bin strikes again, I guess.

The other thing I noticed is that the repair test shows a 4th actuator - for A/C Re-circulation (which makes sense). Yet that actuator doesn't show up on the schematic as far as I can see. NOPE - it does show there, I just couldn't see it. Age. It's a terrible thing. However that actuator is far more simple (just two positions) so I assume it's a different part number and also looks different to the other three.
Yup, I discovered this when I went down and did some testing.
So the higher up actuator, the one replaced in the video, seems to control the heat level in the car. The lower one toward the inside of the car opens and closes to allow any level of heat if you move it past full AC. This was the one that was broken on mine. Replaced it and my heat is working perfectly now =)

Thanks for all the help guys. and hope this helps someone else in the future.
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