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Originally Posted by Superman View Post
This is so sad.

And for friggin car magazine editors....boy did they let the dealership rip them off with that 15k mile service! LOL At a Saturn dealer you would've got the "Goodwrench" visual inspection for free. I know for a fact that an oil change w/ filter plus tire rotation should cost $50 tops. Service emissions? Is that warranty work?

These people just kill me. OMG, I just lost 20 seconds of my life to put down the top. Well geez...that 20 seconds must be WAY more important than enjoying the sun and breeze in a convertible. My dad's old Buick GS convertible had a power top, and I bet it took AT LEAST 30 seconds for that thing to go down.
Your dads Buick GS was beautiful...where is it now? I would wait a half hour if I had that back to the regular scheduled program...

Has everyone forgotten the Apprentice....the first 1000 Donald did a number on u guys/gals. I am sorry to say anything bad about the Solstice but when I saw the interior of the car, it was the cheapest looking thing that Pontiac put in a car. All this to save a buck. I haven't commented on the exterior style because that is subjective....remember, the SKY won the awards in looks and interior appearance. My 2.4 engine is simply wonderful with my magnaflow quads. I am lucky and have no engine noise or problem. It sounds fine. Of course I have 3K miles on it...But sales may have slowed because of the seasonal trend but our cars r lookers...The people who bought the Solstice saw the interior. They could have walked out.
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