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Buy what you like, by all means. I looked at Honda's S2000 and the Miata. Impressive, both. Well made, too. No complaints. But when I looked at the Sky I fell in love. A few rough edges? Sure: how about don't close the hood with the front doors open? That's a glaring one the dealer pointed out to me, since his door had a dent from it. But did I jump at the chance to put down $500 just to place my name on a list to be able to order one? You bet. Why? A. It's American, and I (oh, pardon me if I offend anyone) love America...not everything America does, but I love America.
B. It is an awesome car. I test drove it and thought I never wanted to leave it.
C. I could care less about the funky roof. Sure, a little more thumb pressure on the engineers by the GM brass and they could have had a design that could have fit into a slot with it's own little flap, like several convertibles. But they didn't. Should have, but didn't.
D. I don't drive and drink, so could care less about cup holders. But they stink. I'll admit it. But I don't care.
E. Brother-in-law works for GM, and other BIL does, too. Who wouldn't buy one of their products? But this is a minor point, really.
Summary: It's the heart and soul of the car I love. Nuff said.
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