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Originally Posted by jdigiant View Post
Long-Term Test: Automobile Critics Opinions

So that's that.

After dozens of magazines and countless articles, the sun has finally set on our time with our long-term automobile "experts." If you've read anything they've written about the Pontiac Solstice or Saturn SKY in the last year, you won't be surprised that we're not terribly broken up about the parting of ways with these little hacks. While they provided us with lots of wonderful photographs, their clueless ramblings wore us down over the long haul with high levels of incomopetence, a jarring style and a obsession with Miatas that provided more opinionated bloviating than useful information.

Bottom line: The auto critics fill up the pages with words, but with a few too many rough edges.

Summing Up
When it came time to put the magazines away, it became apparent that demand for clueless, abrasive text combined with beautiful roadster photography isn't really all that high. The lucky ones go to the garage and look at their cars and just "know" what truth is.

So that's that. We won't have a lot of fond memories of the writers, but will probably break out the photo spreads once in a while when the sun isn't around and indulge ourselves by wondering what might have been. And what could be with a few more years of higher education and a smattering of common sense.

The Bottom Line: If you want to read quality articles and useful reviews, Playboy Magazine may be for you.
But, if it wasn't for the 'experts' and those long term test articles, how would I ever know that the top on the SKY is so cumbersome? How would I know that there is little trunk space (top up OR down)? How would I know that I need more power? How would I know that the cup holders don't? I mean, jeeze - I need someone to think for me, please!

AND, how would I know that since I picked the car up at the end of May that my joy and happiness driving the SKY, throwing the top down on a sunny day, running away for four days putting our stuff in the trunk was just a halucination? Man I must really need help because until this latest article I didn't know how unhappy I was with the SKY - - - YEAH, RIGHT!

As for getting information from Playboy - I just can't seem to get to anything much past the middle. That page keeps flopping out and I lose my train of thought. Oh, well maybe an 'expert' can tell me how much that stinks too.

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