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Originally Posted by hersheytx View Post
I am thinking the 4 cylinder engine from Honda would be much quieter and smoother then GMs. I have quietly started to make plans to buy a BMW Z4. I know the price is more, but I am thinking in the long run I will have the true classic.
Sorry to say I wanted to give my money to GM (SATURN) but as time goes by I find myself glad I was unable to buy the car quickly. IT gave me more time to listen to others and how the car worked in real life driving conditions.
I of course respect your opinion, their is nothing wrong with either engine the Sky has. Both are enough for what they are.

There is nothing wrong with the Bmer Z4 either. In fact when my wife was interested in a 2-seater, that was the one I recommended first, I still like it. Today just for S&G's I went and ah build it as I would want it today, price? $49,443.00. The price IS MUCH MORE vs lets say the Sky, or the R/L for that matter. But I have to admit the options availiable are impressive to say the least, the included maintenance package where they fix/repair/replace anything during the warranty period is also cool. Remember you get what you pay for. That Z4 is a luxury roadster, not everyone or average persons could afford one. Even tho I could, for some reason my wife didn't like the "way it looked" & did not want to spend that kind of money for a "to go to work" car-- Thats her, if it were me, I would have that Z4 parked out front-I like luxury Just doing a side by side comparison like this article did & that was a 2006 version is impressive, even tho the kappa was over all car preferred, the Z4 beats it on the track. It is when you try to build one is when the tuff decisions need to be made. Good luck on your final decision, I'm sure you will be happy with the Z4, just as you would be with the Sky IMO. PS-I and my wife do not regret buying our Sky BTW, trully love the car for what it is, a first year roadster that any body can afford & have--problem is--finding one--You can probably go to a beamer dealer & drive away with the Z4 today, right now assuming it is equipped with what you want--

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