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Originally Posted by JRinKY View Post
That review convinced me that Edmunds is not a source I ever need to go to for information.
It's true. All other auto reviews were surprised at how well the Solstice rode and handled. But the lack of objectivity here immediately becomes obvious with comments like the Pontiac engineers "cannibalized" the trunk to gain beauty over function, and the trunk was so small that you could not go to the grocery store, saying that they needed to buy milk one day and juice the next. Ridiculous! These are just wildly negative statements and loaded descriptions that lend an overall negative feel to what is nothing but a cheap shot (knowing there's no equal opportunity to refute the allegations) to what's disguised as an objective report written by a responsible organization. NOT! Jeez! The trunk is small, can't they just say that? Instead they bring their credibility into question with these exaggerated untruths. I'm really all done with Edmonds after reading this and at the same time experiencing the truth firsthand, there was a time that I would have thought all this stuff was actually true had I not experienced the car for myself.
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