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My 2 cents

My experience in ordering my SKY seems to have been a bit different from most. Would I have liked to track my cars build process - sure. Was I was able to get all the information I needed from my Sales Manager and Salesperson - you bet.

Granted I did not call every week, well in the beginning anyway, and both were very willing to share the info when I asked. I was even able to pass on some info I picked up here and they were glad to get it.

I was even able to get on the wait list, place the order in the 'system' and get an allocation with no deposit. I guess since I was a repeat customer they believed I'd really buy the car. That or they felt sure it would sell if I decided not to go through with the deal. It made me a bit nervous in the beginning after reading some of the horror stories here about signed contracts, dealer add ons, etc. but when I saw my name on the order and the free exchange of information when I requested it, I was very happy.

In my case, the Saturn buying experience measured up as expected.

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