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Originally Posted by swatthefly
but i doubt saturn would do that for us. that may have to be an aftermarket thing. anyone know where we could get some made for us?
Saturn wont be making anything like this, but I'm betting we'll get one from GM Accessories though. The Miata has a removable hardtop accessory, as does the MR2 (get it imported from Japan though), the S2000, and the Porsche Boxster. All of these are made by the manufacturer, and color matched.

The availability of a hard top could be a really good reason the SEMA Solstice has never been shown. It would also line up with what the rep told me when I asked them about it. I was told they didn't want to show the SEMA car as to not confuse buyers with it and the normal Solstice before the car goes on sale. If that SEMA Solstice had a GM Accessories hard top on it I could completely understand that. They wouldn't want people thinking the Solstice came as a hard top coupe, when it's actually a hard top addon.

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