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Originally Posted by tyler07 View Post
I am curious what is around (10) Finn's Point. I think that could be a good meeting point if we can find a parking lot or something near there. That's just over the bridge from delaware and just to the southern end of 95 for the Jersey Group.

From there we could run out and drive by (9) then down to Cape May(8), up to Wildwood(7) for lunch and hang out at the boardwalk. Then after lunch run up the coast to Atlantic City(7) and head home, or in my case, go win some gas money and probably dinner!

I figure it's probably about 1.5hrs out to the Cape May lighthouse? That's a decently long drive and by the time we get up to Wildwood, it'd be like 3hrs or so ya think? I haven't driven any of those roads but it might be worth a pre-run to scope out some parking lots and timing.

I'm in the middle of helping to plan a wedding now(more like, yes I like that too, whatever you like, etc) Amy and I are now engaged! But perhaps I can find time to take a run out that way on a nice afternoon between now and then if anyone else would like to come with to check it all out?
First off, Congratulations to you and Amy!!!

I definitely need to do a pre-run or two to figure out the best route for this run.

I am headed to the NEO/PA start of spring run this weekend, but I am hoping to start planning the lighthouse run beginning of April-ish. I am currently free April 1st, 7th and 8th, so depending on weather, will probably look into doing a pre-run on one of those days.

Let me know when is good for you, and anyone else who wants to come along to help, assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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