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Originally Posted by 1994SC2 View Post
Im going to agree with the people who say that the NSX is a great car and all things considered is the better choice than a Sky but also agree that you are comparing two totally different automobiles.

Its like saying would you rather have Payton Manning or Manny Ramirez... they cost the same... so which one do I pick? I mean, what sport are you playing? What are trying to accomplish? I don't think Payton could make a play in left field off the monster nor would Manny be willing to put out the effort to read a defense. I think each car does some things fantastic, just are you looking for ... a touchdown or a homerun?
Agreed, very different cars even if you find them for a similiar cost. They are both fun cars, and both are fast cars. The NSX is used with no warranty, you will have maintenace costs that you won't have on the Sky. The NSX will hold it's value better, used cars always do and the NSX should hold better than most. Still, either car is going to lose value if you rack up the miles, just the new car loses more. If the money is tight I say the Sky is a safer bet IMO, but if it's not a real issue then you just need to decide what you really want. The NSX is going to be a classic sports car of the 90s, but performance wise it's only going to be a bit ahead of the Sky RL. Pre 97 is only 270 HP and actually just slightly heavier than the Sky. A 97 or newer would be more of a step up performance wise, and if getting an NSX I'd really look for something nice in the 97-99 years, but that's me!
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