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Keep in mind Wilmington was never anticipated to go to a third shift. It was planned as a two shift operation. They had to go three shifts to meet the "unexpected" demand. The ENTIRE FIRST YEAR of Solstice was locked before the first production car was built. They were a year behind before they started.

Dropping from three shifts back to two shifts isn't a sign of a wanning breed or a worsening economy, it's simply a sign that the demand has been fulfilled and the plant can return to producing at the original expectation.

Edit: Too much supply in cars like can be very bad:

1: It's attractive because it's unique. Too many hit the road, and the attractiveness fades, as do sales.
2. Too much supply forces manufacturer to offer incentives to move the product, which only hastens (1) above.
3. Offering incentives cuts profit margins, turning a profitable line into a losing line, stunting the ability to re-tool and continue the line.

GM needs a steady production to just undercut demand, maintaining the unique aura of the line. One of the best sales tactics is "it might not be here tomorrow". We know salesman use that for everything on the lot, but for the Kappas, you want it to be real.

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