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Originally Posted by brentil View Post
Optional as in from the factory optional or as in dealer installed optional?

The Opel GT tire is FAR superior to the RS-A or GS-2 offered here. It's a true Summer only tire with excellent dry and wet traction. It is a tire than can be purchased here too.
Exactly, when you order your Sky, they would ask if you want these "upgrades" from the factory, just like when they ask if you want an auto or manual trany, or the different colors, all basically are options, or the 6-CD or single-CD etc. Then the FACTORY builds it to your requirements. That would be ideal IMHO.. Some will spend the extra scratch, others will take it "stock" if you will..

As for the tires I totally agree, many threads in the forum as you know where members actually replaced the factory tires with the Bridgestone RE050A, actually when ready it is one of the tires I will consider to replace my RSA's. In my case in Florida, (and yours as you know) it must have high ratings for water.., but yet high performance..

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